Thule II

In 1962 and later in 1984, the Danish music ethnologist and co-editor of this boxset, Michael Hauser, went to Qaanaaq in the northern most part of Greenland.

The original Thule population were moved to Qaanaaq in the 50´s, when the American Thule Base was built on the area, where the Thule people lived.

In Qaanaaq in 1962 Hauser found the traditional drum song tradition alive and well.

His many recordings are unique, and an important part of the documentation of ethnic Greenlandic music.

On THULE 1962-1984, you can hear 15 different performers presenting 45 recordings with some of the best drum singers from the Qaanaaq area.

Atmospheric trance-like music, even the dogs sing along with the drummers!

Each song have index in English with details of artist, lyrics etc.