East Greenland

In East Greenland, the missionaries’ didn´t arrive until the start of the century. At the same time – in 1906 - the Danish language scientist William Thalbitzer arrived to the main East Greenlandic village Ammassalik – today Tasiilaq.

He detested the missionaries, and spent all his time with the local population.

He studied their language, and also brought also a recording equipment with phonographic rolls. 10 of his unique recordings of the mysterious shamanic hymns – old teasing songs and powerful drum songs – very different from the drum songs of Thule - can be heard on this CD.

All in all EAST contains 35 recordings made in towns and villages of East Greenland by numerous collectors from Denmark, France and Sweden in 1906 – 1926 – 1935 - 1961 – 1982 – 1988 and 1989.

Each song have index in English with details of artist, lyrics etc.